Caster Chapter 32- The End

The field of glass glittered in the light of the grand crystal.

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"What are you gonna do once you get in the fray?" Vincent’s anger may have simmered, but it was easy to hear the steel behind his words.

Kalona’s eyes flickered to the side and he made a small noise in the back of his throat. “I am not completely sure.”

"You can’t be serious."

"Well, forgive me for being somewhat underprepared," Kalona quipped. "If you have any suggestions on how to avert the apocalypse, then by all means, share."

Caster Chapter 31- Kalona

The boy that stood before him was not his master.

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Caster Chapter 30- Amends

As expected, the door to Nakano’s cell was unguarded. The earthquake that hit the main castle had been a powerful one, if the initial shock had been anything to go by. And if the tremors had grown during his time in the portal, then no doubt the castle was on full alert and manpower was being directed to the main building. They would need all the help they could get with evacuations.

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Caster Chapter 29- Forgiveness

Vincent’s hand hovered in front of his face, fingers curled and knuckles just inches away from the hardwood door. In his other hand he held a glass decanter no bigger than a wine bottle, filled with a cloudy liquid that had the consistency of water.

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I talk a lot about Nako during The Raid, but can you imagine how Chloris must’ve felt?

Picture it;

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Keyseller notes/plans as of yet

Set during modern day, Keyseller is about a mysterious entity that sells keys to specially chosen people.

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Fandom: DRAMAtical Murder

Pairing: Clear/Aoba

SummaryIf Beethoven could compose beautiful symphonies while completely deaf, then he very well could compose a two minute song of gratitude for Aoba.

In which Clear composes one final song for his most beloved person.

Caster Fic- Flirting

The first time Vincent met him, he was staring after a redhead with a wistful expression. From that look alone, Vincent felt the inexplicable urge to talk to him.

So he did.

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Caster Chapter 28- Betrayal

"Impossible! The Prince disappeared seven years ago," the captain said, pointing her pole arm towards Vincent’s face.

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