Me:Now I just want a ham and cheese toastie.
Sammu:Hammy-cheese. For a moment, I thought you said hairy cheese.
Me:Oh ew, no! Please, I have stan--... nevermind.
Sammu:Yeah. You might wanna rethink that.


hello! hey! quick psa!

when mixing skin tones, always mix in lighter and darker complimentary or analogous colors (such as pinks, reds, and purples) to change value, don’t just add black or white to change a value

this way you get a real nice looking palette likeimage

instead of a dead looking palette likeimage

unless you’re going for dead, in which case carry on 

Me:*Eyeing a plate of cupcakes on the counter*
Me:Y'know, after playing Trip's ending with you watching, I really don't find those appetising.
Sammu:Icing up the butt?
Me:Oh God, please don't put icing up my butt.

Sammu, what do you see in me?

Me:If we have to live in North America, can we move to Canada or something?
Sammu:Canada isn't in North America!
Me:...Yes it is.
Sammu:... *Googles it* Oh.
Me:Your geography is worse than mine. I didn't know that was possible.

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oh noooooo

Here, have a chat log.

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real friendship is sending them a link to something terrible so you can both be traumatized at the same time

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Me:Why does no one draw tubby gijinkas?
Sammu:Sure they do.
Sammu:... *Bursts out laughing*
Sammu:I just Googled 'Snorlax gijinka' and a lot of these are skinny. Wtf. This ain't right.
Yùu:o u o ;;;
Yùu:I finished writing a section and I'm just like
Yùu:'...Is this too extreme?'
Sammu:the answer is always 'no, not enough'
Yùu:Vincent was set on fire and strangled
Yùu:o u o ;;;;;;
Sammu:not extreme
Sammu:now, if he was set on fire and strangled
Sammu:while being dipped in acid
Sammu:gurl you need to calm it
Yùu:I love you.
Me:I... I don't even remember holding your hand all the time.
Sammu:Yeah, you did it everywhere we went.
Me:...Huh... It really bothers me that I don't remember. Shit. I'm more gay for you than I thought.
Sammu:Sami is ten times the more gay.
Me:I think it's more.