My relationship with food can't be healthy
Yùu:I am terrible for food blogs
Yùu:I follow quite a few
Yùu:Cos you know, now and then I need some good fap material
Yùu:And porn doesn't do it.
Yùu:But show my a glazed doughnut
Yùu:And I'm on my knees.
Kate:tom says i make food orgasms noises
Yùu:...This can't be healthy
Kate:when i read menus
Yùu:I know all too well what you mean
Yùu:One day
Kate:TGI Friday's did that last time
Kate:it looks so good D:
Yùu:Sammu will get me off reading a recipe book or something
Kate:hahaha i wouldnt be surprised
Sammu:Sammu sighs
Sammu:Sammu opens cookbook
Yùu:; //// u ///// ;
  1. taterhater said: I will read you recipes anytime WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE
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