I Will Do Terrible Things for Money

Commission details

For commission enquiries, please send me an ask and we’ll get talking. Commissions work off a half pay at the beginning (as a deposit) and the remaining half when the product is finished. I will show you previews of your work regularly to ensure that it’s what you want.

Should, for any reason, you decide not to go through with the purchase after a significant amount has been done, I have the right to keep your deposit.

Please send Paypal payments to: samanta.s.chan@gmail.com

All prices are negotiable. 

Without further ado, pricing and details.


Please refer to here.


I will write any genre to the best of my ability. If you want me to write fiction for original characters, please give me some basis to work off. Pricing is based off word count.

Base price: £5-£10 (500-1000 words)

Every 100 words after: +£1

For examples of my writing, please check my writing tag.


Pricing is based on complexity and size. Shipping charges will be on top of the base commission price.

3” doll: £8


6” doll: £10


9” doll: £20