Caster Chapters

“They want you to find the Angel’s Feather.”

“WHAT?” Nakano was on his feet in a flash and staring at Wielder as if he was a madman. “Why don’t they just tell me I’ll never be a Caster? It’d be easier!”


The Angel’s Feather, a mythical artefact containing power so great it is said that it is capable of destroying worlds. A tool so sacred and feared that time has done its best to erase all signs of its existence.

When Nakano Starlet is sent from Hireka to find the Feather, he is at a loss. With only mere fairytales to guide him, what hope does he have of passing his initiation test? Of returning home? Trepidation and dangers lurk around every corner, especially so when the world seems intent on killing him.

After all, the last time he checked a Hirekian was worth one hundred million lasas: dead or alive.


(Please note, the first chapter was written in 2007. The quality of writing is constantly changing.)

Table of Contents

  1. The Test
  2. Vincent
  3. The Monster
  4. The Battle
  5. Draconious
  6. Rescue
  7. Observation
  8. Contemplation
  9. The Hunt
  10. Megolann
  11. Aegis Archives
  12. Changes
  13. Gale Rock
  14. Reunion
  15. Noise
  16. Gift
  17. Agreement
  18. Aqueous
  19. Atropadell
  20. Return
  21. Nightmare
  22. Julia
  23. The Catacombs
  24. Destinations
  25. Voice
  26. Answers
  27. Vangeld
  28. Betrayal
  29. Forgiveness
  30. Amends
  31. Kalona
  32. The End