About the blogger



How do you start these things? Um, hi I’m Yùu. The following statements are true:

  • Currently in a relationship.
  • I write fiction in my spare time.
  • When I can’t write, I draw.
  • I have an original series called Caster that can be found on this blog. If you read it, please let me know what you think! (Drop me an ask, whatever o u o )
  • I like cooking and will therefore reblog a lot of food.
  • I also like pretty clothing, so will reblog that too.
  • And Pokemon. I like that too.
  • I have a fixation of violins and sniper rifles.
  • Inspiring art will make me smile.
  • Please don’t follow me for one singular fandom. I post what interests me, so the topic matter varies greatly.
  • I’m poor.

I think that’s everything…